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Weeping Willow
by Quinn Dombrowski, flickr



Weeping, weeping, willow Willy
Trying hard to not be silly
While all his brothers cry all day
Willy laughs and likes to play

Swinging, swinging, from left to right
He’ll sway his arms to his delight
Fluffy clouds make him giggle loud
He loves the smell of fields just plowed

Singing, singing, with crickets at night
He hums along, what a joyful sight
While stars twinkle and moonbeams shine
He calls hello to a neighboring Pine

Counting, counting, the blades of grass
You’d think that he’s at the top of his class
He could tell you the number of birds in the sky
Or how many bees are buzzing nearby

Napping, napping, is a wonderful thing
In early summer or very late spring
With the sun on his face and the breeze on his back
And a big drink of water, his most favorite snack

Standing, standing, in only one place
While others in nature may move or may race
Might sound dull with nothing to do
But not to Willy who will give you this clue

Around, around, life does abound
From the top of the world to way under ground
To watch it is fun, not boring at all
Says Willy the Willow, can you hear his glad call

                                                      -Written by Rose McFarland

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