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Wendall the Dragon Dreams


Wendall the Dragon
By Aggiorna (Own work),via Wikimedia Commons

Wendall the dragon woke one day and found he was not in his cave
Though he knew when he went to bed last night, that was where he had laid
He didn’t remember getting up and walking out the door
Or knocking off his night cap, and how it’s seam had tore

His cave was high up in the mountains, with peaks of snowy white
But where he woke was lush and green, with muted filtered light
Trees blocked out the sunshine, and the air was thick with sound
Cockatoo shrills and Macaw peels, around him did abound

He saw something flit among the trees, way high up over head
It swung to and fro and seemed to grow, before it quickly fled
He’d never seen a monkey and much to his delight
He watched with child like wonder and didn’t have a fright

As he sat real still he had a thrill, when it came down really near
As cute as a bug but with fur as a rug, he knew he’d nothing to fear
Wanting a friend he lowered his head, and made a sweeping bow
And smiled with a grin as the monkey came in, raising one eyebrow

The monkey tilted his head, to the left, never seeing a dragon before
Wondering why, he had wings to fly, but not covered with feathers to soar
Finally he said, “My name is Mickey, I want to play, how ’bout you?”
And covered his eyes with the palms of his hands and said “Peek a boo!”

Then Mickey stood on his head, then bounced on his tail, and wiggled his little feet
And Wendall laughed, and clapped his hands, and thought that it was really neat
“Now it’s your turn”, Mickey said with a squeal to watch the dragon, how fun
But you see a dragon is just too heavy to do what Mickey had done

Instead Wendall stood up and spread out his wings, and flapped them with all of his might
A shower of leaves fell from the trees, swirling magically down like a kite
For the rest of the day, they giggled and played until it became bedtime
Sadly saying goodbye, Mickey turned with a sigh, and away he slowly did climb

Wendall laid down and soon feel asleep on the tropical forest floor
But when he woke the next day, I’m sorry to say, he was back in his cave once more
Was it all a dream and was Mickey not real, Wendall wondered at how they did play
But inside he knew it couldn’t be true, and a flight he must do that day

So he took to the sky with a leap from the peak of his snowy white mountain home
And with his keen eyes soon spotted the prize of a lush green forest to roam
When he got to a spot with a large bunch of leaves scattered as if from a wind
He knew he was at the place from his dream and stood there with a big grin

Wendall didn’t wait long, before he soon saw, Mickey swinging in through the trees
With a blink of his eye and a turn of his head he found Mickey down by his knees
From that day on they both had a bond, as strong as ever could be
And they always were close, a great friendship to boast, the best you ever would see

                                    -Written by Rose McFarland


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