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Marching Band
by johnny_automatic


I want to be in a marching band
With the crowd cheering loudly from the stand
The stadium flags whipping in the wind
And the cheerleaders shouting, WIN, WIN, WIN

Just imagine how I’ll look in a hat with a feather
And a red crisp jacket for all types of weather
I might have a sash or brass buttons on my chest
The sharpest looking uniform but you know the rest

Trombone Man
by Pw95, Flickr, modified

I don’t know what instrument to play as they all sound so good
There’s tambourines, flutes and horns, and drums made out of wood
But I think the one I like the most has to be the long trombone
I like the way it slides up and down and makes a funny tone

I bet I’d be the best marcher in all of the band you see
For I’ve practiced many hours, so precise I’ll always be
Each step is just as measured as the one that came before
The crowd will surely see that and support me with a roar

Yes, I want to be in a marching band with all my heart I do
To be part of a big event and work closely with a crew
Of other marching band members we’d be the best of friends
Until the summer is over and the season comes to an end

What will I do when that time comes, don’t you know
Rain, shine, sleet or snow, I’ll be marching heel to toe
Practice, practice, practice is my mantra until its time
For the next parade or stadium game I’ll be there at halftime

                                                           -Written by Rose McFarland


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