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Trees are the Best of All!

Tree in the Desert
by Dan Eckert,flickr

Some trees are shaped like a sugar cone
Bigger at the bottom is how they’re grown
Take the sugar cone and flip it upside down
If you add a red nose it looks like a clown

Some trees have their leaves way up high
That sway and crinkle as the wind goes by
Others have thick arms made just right to climb
By the time I’m done I’m covered in grime

When you think of trees you think of green
But there are other colors that I have seen
A Cherry tree whose blossoms are long now past
Have deep red leaves that last and last

An Alderwood have leaves that are really cool
The top are dark green and that’s the rule
But on the other side they shimmer with light
A thousand pin size sparkles so nice and bright

A tree in the desert on a clear spring night
Has lounged in the sun until the last rays of light
It’s silhouette so striking it will make you yearn
To share that place in nature of which it’s earned

Of all things that have roots and grow in the ground
Trees are my most favorite that’s what I have found
Majestically they soar up high and watch over me
I’d say they’re pretty special don’t you agree

                                         -Written by Rose McFarland



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