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Big Red Book

It’s funny the thing that stay with us over the years, or should I say, not stay with us? 

Let me explain…when I was a kid I use to have a book of nursery rhymes.  It was big with a deep red binding.  The cover was leather and so heavy that it made it appear 3 feet wide (at least to a child’s eyes).  I remembernight after night delving into Wolfthe stories and being whist away to far off lands with magical creatures.  I met woodland fairies and mystical dragons.  I climbed a bean stalk and hid up a tree as a carnivorous wolf search the ground for my scent.  I imaged I was a beautiful princess as well as a daring pirate or a knight in shining armor defending my King.  I called it; The Big Red Book.

But being a child, I never thought beyond that. 

Never did I reflect that in years to come the memories would fade a little and, later, I might want to have a chance to relive some of those stories.  Well, as you might guess, I don’t have the book anymore.  I don’t know what the name of the book was, who published it, or if I will ever find it again.   But those fantastic stories from childhood will always be with me. 

That’s what is so exciting about literature and what it offers to kids of all ages.  It can bring adventure; teach strong moral character, encourage imagination and so much more.  But now a days, there is so much literature out there it can be a challenge to sift through it and find good quality material.  And with the soaring rate of technology, even the best works can Child playing video gameget quickly laid to the wayside by the newest video game fade.  So what’s a parent to do? 

Well, you could fight against the tides of change or embrace them.  Each method of information will have its upside, and it’s downside.  This applies to all entertainment.  Books, video games, music, sports…the list goes on.  But we, as parents, can strive to take the best of all areas and offer those things to our children so they can build great memories that stay with them a lifetime.

So here, at The Rhyming Shack, you will find in the weeks to come much more than the happenings about the newest book that’s come out. 


We will examining the newest ‘everything’ and decide what really is cool so we can come to enjoy and appreciate all the new, creative and inventive things of our time.

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