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If You Spoke In Only Rhyme



What if all this day each word you say came out in only rhyme
Even if you tried to stop it would happen every time
At first you’d think it funny and want to do some more
Until it was time to leave the house and your walking out the door

You meet your friend and you say hello and you wait for his reply
He greets you back and asks what’s up so you look at him and sigh
I’m just going to head on down to the corner to play some ball
Do you want to go, how about Joe, should we give him a phone call

Ok, so that was weird but then more comes as your heading down the street
Your looking at a passing car and you shout out oh that’s neat
Then saying how you like the paint on the top a silver white
You want to take a closer look it would be such a great delight

Now your buddy’s is starting to wonder what in the world is going on
But you hurry ahead and cross the street to a lusciously thick green lawn
You try not to comment how the place is great for playing catch
Cause you know what will follow will only rhyme and everything will match

Then you say lets just go to my house and play a video game
I’ve got a couple driving ones but they’re not all the same
As your walking back and almost home you come to a railroad track
On other side is a cool pink sign saying Welcome to The Rhyming Shack

Well that’s the oddest thing of all today, that’s all you need to see
A place about rhyme, and in the meantime, you really want to flee
Then shaking your head, you think out loud, I might as well give in
I’ll let the rhymes flow, I’ve more to go, and you shrug with a big grin

Then out of the blue a loud bell rings and you open up your eyes
You look at the clock and shake your head totally surprised
Its morning time and you’d been dreaming that you spoke in only rhyme
Breathing a sigh of relief it was just a dream back in bed you climb

                                           -Written by Rose McFarland

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