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Pizza is yummy and oh so good
I’d eat the whole pie if only I could
But sharing is better and nice as can be
A slice for you and a slice for me

If I had some paper and pencils for art
And you had none the best way to start
Is to ask your friend with nothing to use
If they’d like to share you’ve got nothing to lose

Going to the movies is really a blast
But don’t take up two seats as the person that’s last
Coming into the theater may have no where to sit
Offer the seat as the show starts in a bit

Picking wildflowers is a cool thing to do
They brighten your day and lift up your mood
But to give a flower to a friend that is blue
Is a nice way to share and makes you both happy too

But one of my favorites of all things to share
Is a smile and your time which shows that you care
There’s no cost to you but you might soon just see
How the sharing comes back and it was totally free

                                               -Written by Rose McFarland


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