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Colored Air With Boats
by Nevalenx,flickr,modified


If I could only see the air that’s all around me now
I’d marvel in it’s swirling mass and wonder truly how
It can silently surround me with out a smell or taste
Moving here and there and everywhere but still can not be traced

Since it is not a solid form how could I really see it
I think I have to add some color but which is a good fit
Maybe green would do the trick I close my eyes and and think
And when I open them back up I kind of have to blink

Wow, everywhere has a soft green haze a misty kind of glow
But looking all around me there is something that I know
The grass and trees have disappeared or maybe blend right in
So maybe green is not quite right I’m thinking with a grin

I try again and think that blue is how I’d change the air
A soft light hue would be real cool and give it such a flair
I concentrate hard and try again and once I open my eyes
At first I think how pretty it is until I get a surprise

I’ve lost the sky and the water too oh that’s not good at all
There not gone but have merged right in to the color of my call
Disappointed I change it back again and think what would be right
I could try a yellow brown, can you imagine such a sight

Colored Air Trees
by Gabor Dvornik,flickr,cropped

Then thinking hard I made the air switch it’s tint once more
But I don’t like how strange it looks and I’m missing parts of the floor
Well not the floor exactly but some of the ground and dirt is gone
This will never do I have to say and revert it back with a yawn

So I put the air back as it was and realize maybe I should
Not try to change the way it looks and leave it clear for good
There’s a reason things are like they are so to change it might wrong
But is was fun to try it once and now I think I’ll be moving along

                                                 -Written by Rose McFarland

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