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Water Drop
© José Manuel Suárez,CC-BY-2.0,via Wikimedia Commons

I bet there’s a secret world in a water drop
So small that you can’t see it looking from the top
Or looking at it sideways or from the bottom too
So how are we to catch a glimpse I wish I only knew

What would be in there I’d like to know
If maybe there are cities that are all a glow
And forests made of strange odd trees
Do you think there would be bumble bees

Maybe the creatures that live in the drop
Might resemble the top of a wildly haired mop
All wiggly and loose with long tentacles too
That shake as they swim brushing by you

They could be graceful and sleek like a fish
Be lovely as a mermaid we could only just wish
Or big and have pincers like crabs in our sea
Could they have pearls like an oyster or bite like a flea

What do the life forms breathe with no air
There not like fish with gills who don’t care
Are they’re bodies so different they can breathe water too
And what do they eat and how do they chew

I wonder if this old drop fell from the air
And if it was filled with life even up there
Was it empty or full before taking the fall
I want to know more, I want to know it all

                                                         -Written by Rose McFarland

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