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What if Opposites were Opposite


by Thomas Leth-Olsen,flickr

What if up were down, and straight was round, and left is to the right
And hot is cold, while faint is bold, and light is really night
Or fast was slow, and steam was snow, and silence a hurrah
But being weak would be now strong, and frozen meant a thaw

If you go would you really stay, If you work would it just be play
When you start would you really stop, would the bottom be the top
Would forward be like going back, or plenty really means to lack
Or sleepy be wide awake, while giving is you really take

Would travel be you just stay home, or could the floor be an astrodome
Would a spice taste really bland, and if you sit would you really stand
If you flew would you be grounded, or would a triangle be quite rounded
Is an opening really closed, and can frantic be composed

And would an A be a Z, or could the land be as the sea
If you were young would you then be old, and if your warm would you then be cold
Would a brook be as an ocean, or standing still means that you’re in motion
If it were worse would it then be best, or on the go would you be at rest

Can a dress be a pair of pants, and being level means it slants
And would in focus be a blur, or if you screeched would you really purr
It’d make you shake your head in awe, and wonder what you really saw
And wonder what you really know, not knowing if it’s really so

                                             -Written by Rose McFarland


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