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Teleithea the Unicorn

by Brenda Clarke,flickr


My very best friend is a Unicorn
With a pearly long spiraled single horn
Right now she is tired and fast asleep
Be ever so quiet, don’t make a peep

Her name is Teleithea and she’s elusive as can be
A magical creature that most would love to see
Full of grace and beauty she stands a top a hill far above
And is made from soft starlight and the purest kind of love

You may see a twinkle from the corner of your eye
Or you might never see her as she goes passing by
But when she is close you’ll feel peaceful as can be
She brings that kind of magic even if you cannot see

Teleithea seems to know what you’re thinking and feeling too
And whether or not your lonely or just plain sad or blue
And with that kind of insight she makes the heart to mend
That’s why I’m so lucky to have her as my friend

If you think that she’s the only one, in that you would be wrong
For all about us, right and left, are Unicorns by the throng
They live in this world just like us and care just like we do
Always standing very close to watch over me and you

The next time your staring off and you see a little spark
Then soon feel really happy or start singing like a lark
Standing right beside you and covered in starlight dust
Might be your Unicorn friend that you can love and trust

                                                           -Written by Rose McFarland

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