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Lizbeth the Ladybug Loved to Play Sports


by Stig Nygaard,flickr

Lizbeth the Ladybug loved to play sports
On most any day she’d be down at the courts
With a racket in one hand and a small yellow ball
Let’s play some more tennis she clearly would call

Tether ball, cycling, or running a race
Were some of her favorites with a really quick pace
While diving in pools with her wings pointed tight
There was never a splash she would note with delight

In winter she’d bobsled and cut through the snow
Whipping left and then right as fast as it’d go
The cold frosty air would make her cheeks rosy
But her little wool socks would keep her toes cozy

Then she’d climb on the ski lift and ride to the top
Throw down a small snowboard jumping on with a plop
Away she would go through mounds of white fluff
Loving all of the ride and could not get enough

But her absolute favorite of all games to play
Was the tug a war contest on county fair day
Dozens of Ladybugs would float in the light
And grab up the rope while pulling it tight

The judge holding a flag would shout GO with a yell
The Ladybugs tugged until the the other side fell
The crowd cheered the victors and called out great job
Then the winners and losers would eat corn on the cob

                                                  -Written by Rose McFarland

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