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Paper Boat on the Ocean
by aussiegall,flickr

Let’s make a boat out of paper and a twig
Tie it with some twine and do a little jig
Take a bunch of crayons and color it real nice
The wax repels water so color over twice

Use a handkerchief so it will have a sail
Go to the hose and put water in your pail
Next comes the test to see that it won’t leak
Or if it tips over because it’s just too weak

It’s time to make it move once you see that it will float
Tap it gently with your finger on the back end of the boat
Watch to see if the wind fills up your sail with air
Turn it if you have to but handle it with care

Paper Boat with Shadow Sail
by Javier Morales,flickr

Now that it’s done you might laugh right out loud
You just made a paper boat and of that you’re really proud
But there’s still some more to do, you’re not all done just yet
You have to give it an awesome name, please do not forget

What do you name a boat; I have no idea at all
It’s not very wide and the mast is pretty small
But the smaller a thing is the faster it will go
Does that give you a good idea, I’d really like to know

Now if making one boat is really very neat
Why not ask a friend if he would like to compete
In a paper boat race you each had made by hand
Which will sail the fastest before it hits dry land

                                        -Written by Rose McFarland

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