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Bottlenose Dolphin
by Greg Goebel, flickr

I’m a Bottlenose Dolphin and I really like to swim
My tail is made of flukes and I have one dorsal fin
I have two flippers for my arms though they are pretty short
But they help me not get too hot when I’m racing in a sport

I live in ocean water and my playground is the sea
To leap with my friends makes me happy as can be
With skin as smooth as mine it really makes me sleek
I can whip through water super fast and look just like a streak

Sometimes you’ll see me all alone which really can seem odd
But when I’m with a large group it might just be my pod
You see my pod is my family and we are all very close
I get to hang out with the ones that I love the most

I can hold my breath a long time, maybe more than you
Then dive deep and see the sights which is what I like to do
I make sure not to laugh when I’m underneath the sea
Even if I see fun stuff that fills me up with glee

I make cool sounds you might call clicks that send an echo out
And use it to find my dinner as it tells me the best route
If you could click as fast as me your ears might ring real loud
But if your a Bottlenose Dolphin your pod would be quite proud

I’m very smart just like you through I can not speak your words
But with my tail I can lift real high and swim a while backwards
Though I’m born knowing how to swim my mom helps at the start
And leads me to the air to breath isn’t she real smart

                                               -Written by Rose McFarland






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