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I Want to Count the Number of…


Count the number of Sea Shells
by Andrea Schaffer,flickr

I want to count the seashells in the ocean, all the seashells in the ocean blue
How many will there be for me to count now, four million, three or maybe two
Will they be curved and swirled with many colors or be flat with a shade of whitest hue
Are they empty of all their little creatures well I don’t really have the faintest clue


Count the number of Golden Autumn Leaves
by Bill Harrison,flickr

I want to count the leaves on all the trees tops, all the leaves on trees tops in the sky
Will I need a pencil and a paper as I don’t think that I can count that high
Some may be ready for the autumn, all orange and brown, and soon will fall
I love the green ones hanging from the branches, I really want to count them all


Count the number of Busy Bees
by Kiron Krishnankutty,flickr

I want to count bees in all the beehives, buzzing and making lots of sound
But I can’t do my counting really right now as they keep flying by me all around
At night time they get sleepy and go inside but by then I will be in bed myself
I’ll have to check in a book for the number, there’s one laying over on the shelf


Count the number of Ants on Guard
by Maciej Forc,flickr

I want to count ants that crawl along the sidewalk and see how many there may be
But they hurry and run in all directions so it makes it hard for me to see
Where are they going on their business, what do they think they have to do
If they just would stop and let me count them, I could ask them and then I could tell you


Count the number of Stars
by Scott Cresswell,flickr

I want to count all the stars up in the night sky, the night sky a shade of inky black
They twinkle and wink in pretty rhythms like a song beating on a music track
What would music sound like from a twinkle, what song would they sweetly sing to me
I wish I could hear such lovely music, the prettiest of any melody

                                -Written by Rose McFarland


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