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I Laughed So Hard I’d Start To Cry


I Laughed so Hard, Box Turtle
by Audrey, flickr

I laughed so hard I’d start to cry
To see a Turtle try to fly
And poke his nose out of his shell
Poor thing he ran until he fell

He must have thought with speed enough
He’d lift and fly but it was tough
For without wings or feathers light
He couldn’t take the much sought flight

What he didn’t know was far above
A Turtle Dove looked down with love
And knew his plight of wanting more
For she did not want skies to soar

Her dream had been of solid land
To burrow deep within the sand
Safe and snug with a hard shell back
A home of which she’d always lacked

But to each his own our fate is laid
And we are special as were made
So stop and look down deep inside
And find the love that does abide

And know your gifts are special too
For there’s no another just like you
Unique and perfect in every way
That’s pretty cool I’d have to say

                                   – Written By Rose McFarland

I Laughed so Hard, Turtle Dove
by Els, flickr

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