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We Each See The World In a Different Way

by Scout

Life Savers candies are round and small
Unless your an ant and then there 10 feet tall
What to us would seem like a tasty treat
An ant would find it pretty hard to eat

A soaring ancient redwood tree
Would seem like a giant to you and me
But a pink Cyclops from a fantasy tale
Would think it small as a little snail

A breeze that comes on a clear spring night
Might give us the chills with a frosty bite
But a Polar Bear out on an evening stroll
Would think its like summer in the North Pole


Happy Airplane
by skarg

A speeding train seems like its goes fast
But not to a jet that will quickly pass
The Grand Canyon looks like a big deep hole
But from outer space it’s seem like a mole


Cute Mouse
by bsantos

A tug boat kind of seems little to me
But to a mackerel it would be big like the sea
A leaf that’s fallen may look withered and dead
But a little field mouse might use it as a bed

Each person sees the world from a different point of view
And how you see it is really up to you
But that’s what’s so cool, were not like the rest
Unique in each way is really just the best

                                -Written by Rose McFarland

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