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I Help my Family and They Help Me

Neon Smiley Face
by Artondra Hall,flickr

I help my family and they help me
It makes them happy as they can be
A gift of my time is all it takes
And it’s fun cause we get to take lots of breaks

I help my mom clean the house
I’m really quiet like a mouse
Bubbles in the tub tickle on my nose
I  watch where I step or it squishes on my toes

I help my dad fix his car
Cause if he doesn’t it won’t go far
I hand him a wrench and a gasket too
Before you know it, it’s just like new

I help my auntie make a dress
With bits of cloth we make no mess
We take our time and sew it tight
It turns out pretty and just so right

I help my sister with her homework
If she thinks real hard she starts to smirk
But when the answer finally comes
She snaps her fingers and loudly hums

I help my brother train for his game
One day he will be in the hall of fame
He runs the bases fast like a Cheetah
And slides into home its pretty neat, huh

I help my grandparents when they ask me to
It makes me happy wouldn’t it you
And they all help me when there’s something I need
So help your family and do a good deed

                                            – Written by Rose McFarland

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