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Billy the Bettle Bug
by Martyn Gorman

Billy the Beetle Bug basked in the sun
After he had finished his long morning run
He sat on the green grass and breathed in the air
And was totally happy without even a care

Then he started to whistle a quick little tune
And before you would know it and really quite soon
Others around him lent their voice to his song
With a chorus of singers you just can’t go wrong

There were birds and crickets and a groundhog as well
That sang in sweet harmony which rose and which fell
And spiders and ants along with a worm
Had hit a sour note and then they all had to squirm

But overall it was lovely to hear
Thought each of the animals especially a deer
They soon were dancing along with the beat
And snapping their fingers, or pincers or feet

Then butterflies rolled in the air with a spin
While  hummingbird wings accompanied the din
A bunny with long ears and a fluffy white tail
Served them all dinner and shared all his kale

So the next time your walking and hear a noise in the trees
Listen for music and get down on your knees
And ever so quietly peer through the shrub
You might just have found Billy’s Beetle Bug Club

                                                       -Written by Rose McFarland

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