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Blue Star
by Nasa,flickr

An Astronaut climbed aboard his rocket to take a ride
And since his suit was so big it was hard to get inside
All fluffy white with heavy boots and a pack upon his back
He had to go in sideways as it was catching on a rack

Once inside he settled down and looked at his cubbyhole
His wide gloved hands gently touched the flashing flight controls
Checking all the buttons he finally turned a big black dial
And said to the man on the ground, I’m ready, lets count us down Mr. Lyle

Mr. Lyle’s voice came over the intercom with a crackle and snap
Saying, have a smooth lift off, are you buckled in tight my good chap
Then the numbers started to count back from ten until he had reached one
Ignition, away, Mr Lyle did say, be careful and just have fun

The rocket then rumbled and shook hard before it lifted off of the ground
And shot into the air with lightening speed with a big loud roaring sound
Our spaceman was held very tightly as the earth fell sharply away
He held his breath and thought of his dog and how they both loved to play

When the rocket left earths atmosphere and was free of gravity’s tug
The astronaut exhaled a deep breath and tried not to look too smug
He unhooked his straps and pushed off floating right out of his chair
Having a jolly good time bouncing around like he was swimming through mid air

He made his way to the view port on the wall of the cramped rocket ship
And said where should I go, to which star do you know, should this craft take a trip
Then he spotted a blue twinkling nova a great distance so far far away
And thought I like that blue, I’ll come visit you, and maybe I might just stay

You may wonder the name of our spaceman and what became of him on his long quest
Well he got to that star which was oh very far and earned himself a good rest
He decided to call the star Ayden, after himself since he was the one that had found it
Then he laughed at his whit in the naming, cause he really liked how it had sounded

                                           -Written by Rose McFarland

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