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A Bucket, Cup and Spoon

Sand Castle
by Maureen,flickr

I have a bucket, cup and spoon
But they won’t take me to the moon
Or fix my bike with the broken wheel
It’s rubbers so cracked I can see it peel

They won’t fix my frayed shoelace
That slips and slides and won’t stay in place
When I kick a ball even oh so soft
My old tennis shoe will fly right off

My baseball hat is a bit too small
But they won’t help with that at all
My head keeps growing but my hat’s the same
Since it doesn’t fit I won’t wear it to the game

So what can I do with my bucket, cup and spoon
I thought real hard and then pretty soon
The idea comes of a sandy beach
And a sand castle built at my feet

Oh yeah, I can build an awesome sand castle
With my bucket, cup and spoon with no hassle
And once it towers in the air
A wave will smash it and I don’t care

                                                      -Written by Rose McFarland








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