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Wilbert the Whale
by Linda Tanner, flickr

Wilbert the whale swam to and fro
In an empty ocean long long ago
With clear crystal waters to claim as his own
He never lacked a new place to roam

In summer he’d head to the Arctic to see
Animals play at the edge of the sea
He liked the way the penguins would walk
And how the gulls squawked when they talked

He’d float very still and watch for a bear
The ones that are white and with kind of short hair
To make it more fun he’s give them each names
Like Betty or Gladys as he liked to play games

Then when summer was waning and the weather turned cool
He’s head further south seeking out a warm pool
Passing by seals on the beach neath the sun
He wished to himself for a friend, even one

Then one day when he felt like breaching the waves
He leapt really high and came down by some caves
Of course it was too cool to just swim on by
He pulled up real close and looked in with one eye

by Andreas., flickr

A marvelous sight reflected back from the gloom
Sparkling stalactites lit up all the room
There were ones clear like crystals and others were blue
Some made of sharp rocks with a glowing white hue

He stayed there a long time and gazed with delight
Until the sun set and the sky turned to night
And just when he thought that he had better go
He heard a strange sound that he didn’t quite know

Although it was faint it was strangely familiar
A raising long note with a rasp and a burr
He thought hard to himself where he’d heard it before
And realized he’d sang it at the caves open door

Discouraged he thought it was an echo, no more
So he turned from the cave and swam close to the shore
But before he had gone far the sound came again
This time much louder maybe even times ten

What did this mean Wilbert wanted to know
Then a short distance away he saw water blow
Straight up in the air, more than one at a time
So he surfaced some more and started to climb

Then his eyes grew wide in wondrous delight
Before him were whales like him in the night
He was not all alone and now would never be
He could share with his new friends his very large sea

                                              -Written by Rose McFarland

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