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by Ted Goldring,flickr

Firefly, little guy, small as he can be
Brightens up the evening sky for all of us to see
Blinking in and out to make patterns in the night
Light up little firefly your such a pretty sight

Cricket, Cricket make that sound
I’m use to hearing all around
It’s nature’s music in the air
But I can’t see you anywhere

Ribbit, ribbit, sings a frog
Sitting on a broken log
You like the dark more than the light
And you’re more active in the night

Oh little Skunk all black and white
People see you and run with fright
But if you’re happy and not made to scare
Then you wander off without a care

© Domenico Salvagnin,flicker

Wolf, Hedgehog, Fox, and Bat
Are just some others plus a Rat
All have in common something cool
They are all nocturnal as a rule

                                       -Written by Rose McFarland


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