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Ollie the Ogre
by John Robinson, flickr

Ollie the Ogre lived at the top of a cliff
In a giant tree house made of wood strong and stiff
It had a spiraling stair case that wound round the trunk
And his roommate was Freddie, a little chipmunk

Their home had a kitchen filled with large apricots
Both loved to have tea time, each had several pots
They’d lay out lace napkins on a fine table cloth
Then pour milk in their tea, stirring it to a froth

Once it had cooled enough for the first sip
Each took slices of fruit and daintily dipped
Them into their beverage and let out a sigh
They must eat them fast before they started to dry

Then when tea time was done they worked as a team
To clear off the table making it quite pristine
From top to the bottom they tidied their house
Even thoroughly washing Freddie’s white blouse

Ollie could reach all the high places with ease
And Freddie did chores near the ground if you please
He’d dart right past Ollie as he cleaned the coat room
Sweeping left and right with his tail as a broom

After all the day’s work was finally done
They decided to have a small bit of fun
So they played a game which both had agreed
Ollie then carried Freddie to the top of the tree

They sat on a strong branch with yellowing leaves
And plucked some big ones then rolled up both their sleeves
Each held a leaf in their hand trying hard not to sneeze
Then launched it skyward and watched it dance on the breeze

They cheered when it lifted and cheered when it fell
And cheered when it twirled as if by a spell
When the wind finally died down they got up and turned round
Freddie jumped onto Ollie and he then climbed back down

                                                 -Written by Rose McFarland





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