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by Rob Schleiffert, flickr

Stripes can go straight our swirl all around
Be different in colors of red, black or brown
You may find them in nature or made by your hand
Sometimes you’ll see them just curved in the sand

A Chipmunk may have them or even a Snake
Hornets and Tigers or a Frog by the lake
But a Zebra has stripes that are so very bold
I can watch them forever and it never gets old

Some live on the plains in large groups they are found
And can make really loud whinnies if danger’s around
They may look alike but not one are the same
Each has unique stripes which leads to their fame

  (Listen to the sounds that Zebra make!)

Though not fast as a horse they can run a long ways
They sleep standing up, eating grass as they graze
When babies their stripes aren’t black yet but brown
But after some time that turns all around

The stripes will soon darken and turn very black
Then they seem to just blend into the rest of the pack
Unless you can follow the pattern of one
If you can pick him out, it might just be fun

Creatures in nature may look different as can be
But the ones that have stripes are a real sight to see
When you’re sitting outside and just being real still
Try to spot a striped animal, it’s really a thrill

                                            -Written by Rose McFarland

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