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Magical Chair Named Adventure
by PhotoAtelier, flickr,modified


I was bored one day and wanted to play
A game of adventure but started to stray
Down a long hallway at the back of Gramps home
And saw an old door with a handle of chrome

I decided to peek and see what was inside
As I turned the handle the door opened wide
Shimmering light shot out with a roar
So bright at first I had to look at the floor

Slowly it faded and turned to a glow
From the center of the room, I just had to know
What was making the light so I stepped on inside
And saw an old chair covered in faded rawhide

Its feet were of wood shaped like claws of a hawk
I moved even closer and it started to talk
I’m a magical chair, Adventure’s my name
Sit down and get comfy and we’ll play a game

So I slowly sat down and was amazed to see how
The room suddenly changed to a field with a cow
There were hound dogs running and chasing about
I was totally startled and had to shout out

From behind a tree a Knight in armor road out
On a tall stead of white so strong and so stout
He came even closer, right up to the chair
As I looked on in wonder, I just had to stare

I’ve found you my king said the Knight right to me
I’m ever your servant on a quest I will be
To bring you a treasure that’s deep in a cave
Of emeralds and rubies, a crown that is made

Then the Knight turned his horse and galloped with speed
Going off to find riches and do a good deed
And just then the roomed changed to walls and a floor
As I sat in the chair and stared at the closed door

Your father’s father and his father too
Sat down in my chair but they never quite knew
Just where I’d take them or what they would see
The top of a mountain or the floor of the sea

We have traveled out to the brightest of stars
Seen the days when Ford made his Model-T cars
Saw the Wright brothers take their very first flight
And how Edison’s light bulb ended the night

Some day your son will find his way to this room
Thinking I’m an old chair is what he’ll assume
But I’ll show him great things from the past to this day
For my name’s Adventure, let his dreams show the way

                                                     -Written by Rose McFarland

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