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Colored Fish
by Donnie Nunley, flickr

Old Willow Creek is singing it’s song
To me and my Dad so come on along
Grab your best fishing pole and your tackle box too
Lets catch us a big trout and make some fish stew

I’ve got a cooler all filled with some ice
Then I added creme soda oh it will be nice
We’ve jerky, some chips and PB & J
To munch on while Dad takes the trout to fillet

Be ready to kick back and take it real slow
When the fish will bite, you never quite know
That’s part of the fun when your down at the creek
To just laze on the bank at the end of the week

My Dad tells stories of the one that got away
That his Grandpa had lost way back in his day
It was a great Northern Pike with teeth an inch long
And it weighed eighty pounds that’s as big as King Kong

The first time I heard it the fish weighed ten pounds
But it grew to great size with each telling a round
I’m sure it was giant and the catch of the day
Too bad it was tricky and and got clean away

                                                 -Written by Rose McFarland

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