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Merry Go Round
by Phil Roeder, flickr


Hurray, hurray, it’s the day, that we get to go to the fair
Like it or not, the weathers hot but really I don’t care
I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed then threw on my shoes and socks
And ran down the road about to explode and kicked at a tin can and rocks

I can hear the sound of the carousel as I near the block that it’s on
Rush now, I made a vow, to buy a corn dog ‘fore they’re gone
I can already taste it, smothered in mustard, the batter is one inch thick
Then I’ll ride the coaster and close my eyes, I found that’s a really good trick

My friends and I will hang out and decide the next thing to do
Maybe arcades, listen to bands or see Mimes act out a day at the zoo
Then look at the pig who’s the size of a car with a ribbon around his neck
And watch as the Pro’s go with the flow doing stunts at the skate board deck

I have to laugh as we collide with the bumper cars circling around
Or watch small kids dash for balloons given out by a green haired clown
As the day wears on we get snow cones so tasty to quench our thirst
Someone is dunked by a well aimed ball and water come out with a burst



Fair at Night
by Andy Middleton, flickr

But the best is to come, I’ve been waiting all day, for the firework show to start
Hearing a whistling sound the first one shoots out and it soars away like a dart
The crowd holds their breath before cheering out loud as the colors burst and ignite
It’s the best day of all, I’m having a ball, I wish it would last all night

                                                                       -Written by Rose McFarland

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