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Tropical Fish Pattern
by Tori Behr, flickr


Looking all around I see patterns everywhere
Some are made from nature, some are made with care
Others are quite random, but still they form a shape
Like stocky sticks of cat tails, while other they may drape

They could be round, they could square or somewhere in between
They could be dark, the could be light, or sparkle with a sheen
They could lay down, they could stand up, or tilt at angles too
If you pay attention they will all come into view

You may find them on the ground, in cities, towns or streets
You may find them in a book, at a reading room with seats
Are they stitched into your socks or the toe of your right shoe
Many more can be found when you go down to the zoo

Zebras, snakes and lizards have a pattern on their skin
If you voted for the best, can you say who’d win
Wings of birds and butterflies, and flowers in a field
Waving flags whipped in the wind or gold upon on a shield

Baskets weaved of wicker or a fish out in the sea
Spots upon a leopard or the leaves up on a tree
Blinking stars or turtles with a shell upon their back
Each have their own pattern, for sure there is no lack

Look around, right and left, they’re there in front of you
How many patterns can you find, which may come to view
It’s lots of fun to spot them and count those which you see
Of that I am most certain and I’m sure that you’d agree

                                  written by Rose McFarland


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