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I’ve always liked summer time parades!  It’s exciting to watch all the different floats, jugglers and clowns as they come down the road to dazzle the eyes and bring smiles to all who watch.  But when the marching band passes in front of where I’m standing I think it’s very cool how they all march so precisely in succession, in their brightly colored uniforms.  The sun will glint off shiny instruments and the leader, sometimes called the “Drum Major” twirls his baton to the delight of the crowd.  It takes many hours of practice and dedication for a well executed performance.  But there’s nothing better than hearing the cheer from the crowd as you go marching by.


I Want To Be In A Marching Band


For some reason this poem turned out to be one of my favorites.  I’m not sure why, except that it’s just lighthearted and carefree!  When your walking outside it’s amazing if you stop and just listen to the sounds around you.  How many can you pick out from nature if you just try?   Often times we are surrounded by animals and don’t even know it.  They are all around us.  Peering out from a shrub could be a rabbit, a deer or maybe even a Beetle Bug!  Birds  fill the air with sound, but many time their “voices” seem to blend into the background.  Billy the Beetle Bug Club was fun to write as it brought to life the harmony that is found in nature and put it to music.

  Billy the Beetle Bug Club


This is a fun poem about animals that are nocturnal.  Some of them that Marko talks about were ones that I thought were more active during the day.  But actually, they all are all nocturnal.  The world around us is filled with animals that roam at night, and sleep more during the day.  They play under the stars.  Can you name any nocturnal animals that are not in this poem?  If so, leave a comment and lets see how many we can add to the list.  I bet there are loads!  How fun!

Who’s Nocturnal


Do you notice a puddle of water when your walking by other than trying not to step in it and get your feet wet?  Well look more closely…what do you think is inside the water drops in the puddle.  This poem is all about A Secret World in a Water Drop.  So do you think the water drop is empty? Or is it filled with life?  And if so, what kind of life?  It’s fun to think about and I’ve found that I want to know. Do you?  Well, Felix the Phoenix does. Listen to him as he reads this cool poem about life in a water drop and then you decide!

A Secret World in a Water Drop


How many leaves do you think there are in a tree?  A lot, right?  How about the seashells in the ocean? Tons!  Do you think that you could count all of them?  Well, Frederick the Yeti, wonders the same thing and more.  He’s always looking for something to count.  Let’s see what he thinks about the stars in the sky.  He likes them especially!


 I Want To Count The Number Of…




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