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by Jesse Millan, flickr


I tried to dodge the raindrops falling from the sky
To see how long my skill would keep my jacket dry
At first it was real easy since the ones that fell were few
A hand full here and there plus maybe one or two

What was funny was the fact that the sun was in the sky
And yet the rain came down and I had to wonder why
Oh yes it was a sun shower of which I know are rare
So I just have to tell the world, I really want to share

As it started to rain harder there came an awesome sound
Drumming in a pattern as it hit upon the ground
The drops made a rhythm, splish, plunk, and splash
The water sparkled brightly and twinkled with a flash

It didn’t take me long to know my game would have to end
For the sky began to darken and I knew it’s not my friend
I learned to go inside when the weather turns real gray
And safely play an indoor game until another day

                                    -Written by Rose McFarland

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