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Maury the Martian

Only $2.99




Maury the Martian is an uplifting and thought
provoking book that centers around a martian child
named Maury who learns how, in the face of his own
special challenges, a gift from the heart brings unexpected
rewards, friendships and self acceptance.


For any child who enjoys the magic of looking to the stars and being filled with wonder at what exists beyond our imagination, this beautifully illustrated story of Maury the Martian is perfect to discover the worlds that might be found beyond planet earth.

Maury, lives on the red planet Mars far far away. You probably think that would be the coolest thing ever, however, even a Martian child has problems some times just like you and me. And for Maury, it’s not different. You see, Maury is a very tall Martian child and on his planet all the other Martian children are round and quite low.

This makes it hard for Maury to find where he fits in. Order now and read how Maury’s insight of his world and himself is changed when he follows his heart.

Also, don’t forget to check out this free coloring page from Maury’s story which you can download and make your own Here.

For any aspiring artists out there who have turned their free coloring pages into works of art you can email a copy to if you want it posted to a “Special Features” area for artists to show off their work!



Check out the sneak peek below and enter into Maury’s world.

Sneak Peak of Maury's World2


For those of you who would prefer a Kindle
version of the book I have included a link below to
Maury the Martian at Amazon.

Maury the Martian at Amazon