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If Time Slowed Down

Time Slowed Down,Slow Motion Shoe
by Tony Eccles,flickr

What would it be like to slow time down and watch a bouncing ball
Or a feather float, an airplane fly or a cascading waterfall
If a tree in the forest fell real slow would the air still rush as strong
And what of music with all its notes would it still sound like a song

A watch could tick but at that speed what time would it really be
And a fish might jump out of the lake at a fly that he may see
He might catch it in his mouth or it could just slip away
For he moved too slow to get his meal and that’s the price to pay

A train might take a day or two to cross a country mile
Or a beaver building up his dam could take him quite a while
A child whose playing jump rope might stay high up off the ground
But what about a buzzing bee would you recognize the sound

Summer would seem longer with the sun up in the sky
A picnic lunch, to last all day, while eating apple pie
More time to play, more time to laugh, more time spent at the pool
Just imagine how that would be its really very cool

                             -Written by Rose McFarland

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