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Scrambled Eggs or Sunny Side Up

Scrambled Eggs
by anokarina, flickr

Scrambled eggs or Sunny Side up
You wouldn’t eat them with a cup
Or an old brass horn that’s way off tune
But you certainly could with a fork or spoon


Paint Brushes
by futurilla,flickr

A picture painted nice and bright
You wouldn’t make with the tail of a kite
Or a shoelace string or a singing Thrush
But I bet you could use a good paint brush


Flat Bike Tire
by Daniel Oines,flickr

A bicycle wheel that’s flat won’t roll
But you couldn’t fix it right with a scary troll
Or a cotton ball or an old tree stump
Try using a good old tire pump

Use the right tool for what you do
And you’ll find the job can be fun and cool
Throw in a smile and mix with a stick
It will turn out just right, that’s a neat trick

                                           -Written by Rose McFarland

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