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Dinosaur Cake
by Peat Bakke

Seventy million years ago there was a dinosaur named Tex
Who roamed the Southwest frontier way before the wild wild West
He wove a hat from bramble weeds and played a county fiddle
And made small wooden figurines with a pocket knife used to whittle

At night he’s sit quite warmly by a fire of wood he’d built
While rocking back on his tail to watch stars twirl and tilt
He’d hum a little tune to the rhythm of the night
And count the Pterodactyls leaving for their evening flight

His closest neighbor to the South was a Velociraptor name Gulch Pete
Who was very spry and ran real fast on his three-toed little feet
Pete was a mean and surly guy who liked to eat slugs and snails
But his favorite thing was to chase his foes and grab them by their tails

Yes the prehistoric wild wild West was a rough and routy time
But if I could go and see it so for that I’d surely pine
In a time to come we may know more tales of those old days
How the reptiles lived and how they played and all their different ways

                                         -Written by Rose McFarland

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