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Barnyard Friends Race, Romp and Dance


Barnyard Pigs

A pig will wallow in the mud just like the hippo’s do
Its squishy, and squashy and cold and sloshy even more than glue
They will dig in their toes and turn with a spin while splattering blobs of goo
As a nearby cow ducks with a howl and lets out a big loud moo

Barnyard Rooster
by Jim Bahn,flickr

A rooster will crow at the first rays of sun to tell of a brand new day
While a nearby horse listens of course as he chews on his breakfast hay
How silly he snorts and turns with a wink, so noble and gallant is he
But deep down inside he swells up with pride as happy as he can be

For the rooster and pig are his closest of friends, each of a different breed
Ones really slow but the other you know can go at a very fast speed
When the time is just right they gather at night under the star filled sky
Races and romping, dances and stomping makes the evening zip by

                                                   -Written by Rose McFarland


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