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Tillie the Goose
by Serena, flickr

Tillie the Goose had a new pair of shoes
With gleaming bold stars in deep shades of blues
She’d sit on the ground with her feet in the air
Of all of her shoes the loveliest pair

Dreaming of things she could do when she wore
Them out of her house, right out of the door
Like sliding on ice or kicking a stone
They’d keep her feet dry in the grass overgrown

Skipping along would be fun in them too
And she’d run really fast she certainly knew
Jumping real high would be easy, she smiled
Which would make it handy if you lived in the wild

To twirl on her toes as she danced by the stream
Like in the ballet was her most favorite dream
She’d tap them together, first the toes then the heals
And then squeal with a laugh as she liked how it feels

At the end of the day, the sun low in the sky
She takes them off slowly with a gleam in her eye
And thinks of tomorrow and what she might do
With such pretty shoes so sparklingly new

-Written by Rose McFarland

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