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Black Bird
by Jacob Spinks, flickr



Sal the blackbird loved to bowl
On a Saturday night with his friend Sid the mole
Of all the games they both liked to play
Bowling ranked first at the end of today

They’d scour the forest for all that they’d need
From the stream bed for pebbles to pine cones in the trees
A deer named Alice nibbled short all the grass
As Sammy the snake pressed it tight as he passed

Pine Cone
© Jess Wood, flickr


Then Sal lined up all the pebbles with care
To border the lane, hopping first here and there
Sid balanced ten pine cones with their pointy sides up
To use as the pins, they’d be plenty tough

For their balls they used rocks, perfectly round
Each collected before at the edge of the town
Then with a wink of an eye Sid called to his friend
Let’s play us a game…who will win in the end

© Matt Salas, flickr


A family of bunnies watched on with delight
As Sal and Sid bowled late through the night
They clapped at a Spare and cheered with a Strike
The whole forest watched on to see such a sight

And at the end of the match they’d shake hands and exclaim
How each was a master so good at his game
Then they’d gracefully bow and head off to their homes
Sid with the pebbles and Sal with the cones

Do you think it odd that a bird and a mole
Would want to play games and learn how to bowl
If you knew them both as well as I do
You’d think it was cool and want to play too

                         – Written by Rose McFarland






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