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Petey the Polar Bear
by Shelly,sketchport,modified



On a blistery night at the top of the world
Snow blew around, it dipped and it twirled
While a lone polar bear named Petey sat still
But with his fur coat did not catch a chill

You may not see him as he could blend right in
With thick white fur from his feet to his chin
But right on the center of his forehead he wore
A red and green jewel with sparkles galore

His ancestors came north and fell in love with the snow
So they stayed in the arctic not wanting to go
They used icebergs as surfboards or slid on them to skate
Petey’s favorite of games which he thought was just great

When the northern lights reflected back from the sea
Petey’s family would prance around spinning with glee
They’d make two large circles and weave in and out
A polar bear square dance there can be no doubt

With their claws they would cut ice in the shape of a stone
Heaving them in the air watching how far they were thrown
Playing a game of Shot Put they each loved to do
Keeping score with their fingers and their toes sometimes too

They might lie on their back and take long restful naps
With snow piled high and deep on the polar ice caps
And then bathe in the ocean and shake hard to dry off
It may look quite funny but try not to scoff

The next time it snows and you see flakes falling down
Think of Petey and his polar bear town
And the jewel on his forehead with fur all of white
Even dreaming of him as you sleep through the night

                                            -Written by Rose McFarland

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