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Patrick the Panda
by fortherock, flickr

Patrick the Panda loved eating bamboo
Roaming the hillsides to find where it grew
He looked in the rivers and under a stone
But couldn’t find any and loudly he moaned

He’d climb to the rock face and looked in a nest
Thinking being up high was really the best
But all that he found were eggs of a hawk
Which as you can guess was really a shock

He crawled into caves and swung from a vine
Oh surely it’d be here and soon he could dine
But then the vine broke and made him fall down
Banging his nose which brought on a frown

Following ants hauling leaves on their backs
They soon disappeared into some cracks
A pink butterfly floated up in the air
Of finding bamboo she had not a care

Standing on top of a grand waterfall
He sucked in some air and made a loud call
Does anyone know where bamboo might be
Where I should look he loudly did plea

A bee, black and gold, buzzed up to his head
Whispered quite softly, turned quickly and fled
Patrick eyes widened with a gleam of delight
He dove into the water from that great height

When he floated to shore and climbed onto the land
His toes tickled and slipped in the soft sand
But soon he was running and jumping with glee
For off in the distance was a tall bamboo tree

At last he came to the base of it’s trunk
And quite out of breath to his knees he then sunk
Grabbing up a fat leaf he took his first bite
His big grin that followed was really a sight

                                      written by Rose McFarland

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