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Cartoon Elephant
by frankes, openclipart



Eddie the elephant climbed up a tree
Wanting to know just how far he might see
Could he find Billy Jack’s farm near the stream
Where he would go when he needed fresh cream

What about Jasper, his best friend from youth
A tiger with orange stripes and very long toothed
He always would lounge lazily in the sun
Before he would take his long morning run

Could he see Freddie hop in the tall grass
A bunny with long ears and quite full of class
For he wore a ribbon of gold and deep blue
Where he had found it Eddie hadn’t a clue

Maybe if he looked hard he’d see Ricky the snake
Who loved to cook and especially bake
Cookies and brownies while he hissed a bright song
One Eddie had liked and he’d soon sing along

One thing he wanted to see above all the rest
Was Vikki the turtle dove up high in her nest
He wished he had a bed as comfy as hers
Maybe lined with pillows and very soft furs

Then a sound reached Eddie that gave him a frown
As the branch he was perched on began to fall down
But to his amazement the fall didn’t hurt
He plopped in a hay stack made by his friend Curt

To Eddie’s dismay he was back on the ground
And up strode Victor an old basset hound
They looked at each other for a very long while
Eddie started to laugh with a very wide smile

–  Written by Rose McFarland

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