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Baby Turtles


A baby turtle woke one day on a soft and sandy shore
He looked around in wonder as he heard the oceans roar
The smell of tangy sea spray tickled sharply at his nose
The sun was warm and toasty as he fought the urge to doze

But something deep inside him made him think he had to run
Towards the sound of water, which dipped and curled, how fun
And as that thought filled his mind he rose up on his feet
The squishy sand between his toes really felt quite neat

Trying once and falling back he found his pace at last
And darted towards the ocean though the distance seemed so vast
The rhythm of is foot fall made a pitter patter sound
But before he even knew it he had covered all the ground

Looming high, the ocean waves, pulled at him to leap
Up into the sea foam which didn’t look so deep
But before he took the plunge he heard a funny sound
The beating of a thousand feet made him turn around

On the beach, from right to left, as far has he could see
Were other baby turtles running swiftly to the sea
Sunlight twinkled off their shells as they jumped into the spray
Now it was his turn to go and join in all the play

Feeling happy and content, he took his turn at last
And swam into the ocean, thinking this is such a blast
He was born this day, did you know, newly from his shell
An explorer of a deep blue world, is where he now will dwell

                                                written by Rose McFarland

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