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by woodleywonderworks, flickr



Turtle jump, once or twice
Turn around and chase the mice
You never know what you might SEE
A daisy bright or a bumblebee

Kitty cat, meow and purr
What’s that SMELL you can’t be sure
Chocolate milk or pumpkin pie
Let’s go check and don’t be shy

Fish swim back, to and fro
Never sure where they should go
TOUCH a shell on the ocean floor
Round and smooth lets hunt for more

Birds may dive or soar up high
HEARING sounds that loudly cry
Whistle back and sing along
The hoot owl has a crazy song

Little Pigs who like to eat
Search around for a special treat
The TASTE of rinds makes them squeal
I want more of that apple peel

Are just four senses good and well
Don’t forget, there’s one more yet
SIGHT’S the fifth and now were set

                            -Written by Rose McFarland





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