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Girl Juggling Apples

I can juggle apples, big, red and round
While walking in a circle or jumping up and down
Sometimes two, sometimes 3, sometimes even more
Whether going forward or backing out a door

I juggle them while singing a fast and lively song
But even to a slow beat I know I can’t go wrong
When one soars up in the air and falls back to my palm
I giggle with the fun of it but know I must stay calm

Sometimes people gather round amazed at what they see
They cheer so loud, but I know, focused I must be
It really is a challenge not to drop them after all
When everyone is clapping but it makes me stand real tall

To last as long as I can I count each throw I make
My best is forty in a row but then my arms will ache
Finally done, I catch them all, bowing really low
I thank the crowd, graciously, and then I turn to go.

                                                   written by Rose McFarland

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