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As I was skipping down a path, a scattering of leaves

Was caught up very quickly by a strong and surly breeze

It whipped them in a spiral which rose and fell in time

To mirror every step I made, my skipping it would mime


I turned to go around it but it moved as if it knew

Which way I’d go, and don’t you know, it shifted that way to

In shocked surprise I stopped and watched its merry little dance

And then I started whirling as I thought I’d take a chance


Who has ever danced the dance of the twirling little leaves

Except those golden petals which swirl and interweaves

I raised my arms up overhead while turning round and round

Delighted in this cool new game of I which I had just found


Like dancers in a ball room we moved across the floor

Sunlight streaming through the trees, who could ask for more

Then all at once the wind died down and the leaves came to a rest

And I knew the dance was over or at least I surely guessed


So I bowed quite low, to let them know, I was happy of the dance

While thinking of the fun I’d had, without a backwards glance

I starting skipping down the path beneath the shaded eaves

I got the chance to dance the dance of the twirling little leaves

                                               written by Rose McFarland



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