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Clock Face
by Nancy, flickr, cartooned


 In the big old house at the end of the block
Far in the corner was a Grandfather Clock
Walking by you’d hear tick, tock and chime
As it faithfully wound on to tell you the time

The GiggleTocks on the street used it to know
When they should come and when they should go
To keep their appointments and cook their noon meal
It’s rich and deep sound was its great appeal

The GiggleTocks

Then one day the GiggleTocks had a great shock
When they heard not a noise, not a tick or a tock
Not a chime or a gong or the whir of a gear
No sound could be heard, no sound could they hear

Suddenly, everything went very wrong
When all of the GiggleTocks slept in to long
They were late for work or their cake they did burn
For without the clocks chime it was a concern

One day a repair man came up to the door
With a satchel of tools and an oath he then swore
To fix the grandfather clock so it would run
For someone had wound it too tightly, had spun

Then he tinkered and jiggled and pulled at its cords
He adjusted its face and line up all the boards
With a key from his pocket he reset the clock
And all gathered round who lived on the block

Grandfather Clock Key
by Jim Hammer, flickr, cartooned

The GiggleTocks silently stood by the house
No sound could be heard not even a mouse
Each holding their breath they waited to hear
And then the clock chimed they started to cheer

They jumped up and down and cried with delight
And soon were so glad they forgot all their fright
Time was now back on its schedule, you know
And the GiggleTocks knew when to come and to go

-Written by Rose McFarland

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