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Little Village with Train
by latteda,flickr



It’s been raining all week and I’m stuck inside
So I decided to make an indoor train ride
Down in the basement where there’s lots of room
First I swept it clean with an old wood broom

Now that it’s clear and the floor’s all neat
I walk a straight line and pace it off with my feet
Just how much room I’ll need for all my tracks
Then I pull down my train set off of the racks

Spreading out the tracks and placing them just right
Some going straight will others turn with a slight
Curve to the left before climbing up a hill
I made with some cardboard with all of my skill

Using popsicle sticks I will make some walls
And a roof for the top but it’s got to be tall
It’s a covered bridge that is high enough
For my train to go through, it’s built really tough

My Locomotive is shiny and super strong
It must be to pull all the cars a long
I’ve got box cars, flat cars, a tanker and caboose
They must hitch together snugly, not one can be loose

Then of course I need my black conductors cap
It’s got a strong bill and tall crown that I like to tap
Calling all aboard I announce it’s time to leave
I’m so convincing I almost start myself to believe

Riding through the countryside with the wind against my face
As the wheels go click, click, I’m not trying to race
Someday I drive a real train because it’s been my lifelong dream
To ride the rails and toot the horn as my engine puffs with steam

                                                -Written by Rose McFarland

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