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Camping Tent at Night
by Arup Malakar, flickr


We’ve packed the car and are ready to go
On the last camping trip ‘fore the coming of snow
There’s so much stuff it’s hard to fit
Inside the car, where will I sit

We’ll pitch the tent with cords and some stakes
We must be fast and not take lots of breaks
As it has to be finished before it gets dark
Oh, what was that sound, a coyote’s loud bark

Then we gather stuff for a campfire tonight
And circle the pit with stones placed just right
I love to roast marshmallows on a long stick
Not get them too brown, is a really neat trick

Roasting Marshmallows on a Campfire
© Nina Hale,flickr


Tomorrow we’ll hike and pick up bits of wood
Exploring the trails at the base of Mount Hood
There will be waterfalls, canyons with a hidden lake too
We’ll never get bored with so much to do

I might see a Bear, a Raccoon or a Doe
So close that they could be within a stones throw
It’s better to watch from a good distance away
As this is they’re land and so I will not stay

What if we find some caves in the hill
I learned never to enter but just seeings a thrill
And wondering what inside can be found
Are there bats, or snakes or gemstones so round

My favorite of all comes when the sun goes on down
Then we snuggle in blankets as we all sit around
Telling scary ghost stories we make up as we go
It’s so spookily fun, just the best, don’t you know

                                              -Written by Rose McFarland

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