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Circus Tents
by hbp_pix,flickr


You’ll never guess what I’m watching now
Not TV, a video game but a tall dancing cow
I’m under the Big Top and thrilled to no end
Cause I’m at the circus with Jesse my friend

Twenty clowns want to get in one car
And once they do, they can drive pretty far
It cracks me up all the tricks that they do
With painted faces and a ratted up hairdo

Ring Master Dance
© Bob Jagendorf,flickr


I like how the spot light will circle the tent
While dramatic music leads in the next big event
The Ring Master dressed in a bright suit and tie
Announces a trapeze artist, we all look to the sky

Holding our breath we watch her in awe
As she swings through the air without even a flaw
So graceful she twirls and flies through mid air
It must be a thrill being so high way up there

Then the tightrope walker comes out on the rope
With a very long pole which helps him to cope
With balancing firmly as he walks very slow
First one step then another from heel then to toe

© Stephen Quinn,flickr


There’s jugglers, magicians and animals too
This is just so much fun maybe better than the zoo
And that’s just inside but there’s more all around
Now to tour all the booths to see what can be found

                                            -Written by Rose McFarland


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