Are you ready for some fun and giggles! Check out our videos at the “Video Hang Out” under the menu and watch some very interesting characters reciting some of my favorite poems. Vote by commenting which one you like the best. And if you let me know which poem from the Rhyme Directory you would like to see narrated, the one with the most votes will be made into a video.

Enjoy some fun activities!


Animals in a row




Visit the Fun Page to learn how to make a paper hat or get creative by checking out the free coloring pages that are part of Maury’s and Polly’s world.  You can save them and make them your own works of art!

You can even become a Fellow Rhymer by heading over to the Finish the Poem page and pick the best word to finish the poem shown in the pictures found there.

Please check back often for more fun activities to come!